Wednesday, April 1, 2015

8 week half marathon training plan

At the end of my pregnancy I signed up for a half marathon hoping it would help motivate me to get back into shape!  I have my 6 week postpartum doctors appointment on Monday, which is when I should finally be cleared to start exercising.  Monday marks 8 weeks until the Hospital Hill Marathon in Kansas City, the race I signed up for a couple months ago.  

With no idea where to begin, I turned to Pinterest to find an 8 week training program.  I think I found the perfect program for me from  Check out the link to her actual training program HERE.  I like the program she designed because it still incorporates weight training and HIIT workouts.  I have not ran a single mile in a good 10 months, so this should be interesting.  I am sure I will have to make some modifications and start with a walk/run/walk format in the beginning.  

Wish me luck, I will keep you updated weekly with my progress!  

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